We put your life at the center of what we do.

We all live in an ever changing technologically advanced world; The Life Collection was developed as a way to address the challenges created by a more technologically advanced reality.

We see the challenges of these new realities as:

Technology allows us to work more and more efficiently and enjoy increased productivity. That increased productivity drives us to work even more, creating blurred lines and imbalances between work, play and family time.

Social media has augmented our virtual connectivity, while in reality, leaving us little time to develop priceless human connections.

And while as individuals we've become more in tune with the impact of our carbon footprint, we are increasingly concerned about our collective ability and willingness to alter and reverse our course.

Our goal is to build and provide an environment and resident experience that is informed by these realities; to capitalize on the amazing opportunities technology presents, while mitigating the challenges along the path to successful and meaningful lives.

Our Brand Pillars

To achieve this goal, we focused on four pillars: Balance, Community, Wellness, and Sustainability. The Life Collection combines intentionally developed spaces with resident centered programming and service offerings designed to promote a sustainable balance between life, work, and wellness to enrich the lives of our residents and foster community.


Thoughtfully located and intentionally designed, our collection offers you spaces and services conducive to the perfect harmony between working and living.


Our spaces provide diverse opportunities for you to engage and socialize within the resident community, as well as the broader community; area businesses, the arts, charitable organizations, and events.


With access to fitness rooms, meditation rooms, nutritional food and plenty of outdoor space, The Life Collection encourages and supports your efforts for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


We all share one planet. That's why we take an environmentally focused approach to living with eco-friendly amenities and initiatives.

Our Collection

The Life Collection connects people, place, and community through a network of meaningful partnerships, services, events and building attributes that enrich the lives of our residents at our properties and within their greater communities.

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